With businesses devoting more time to enhancing their capabilities and profitability, they need cybersecurity solution specialists like WEDOIT to protect their data, applications, and enterprise network systems from cyberattacks. It helps them focus on what matters more rather than remaining concerned about cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity has become one of the most concerning areas for any organization in today’s digitalized environment. With malicious actors introducing innovative ways to attack businesses and information network systems, organizations must equip themselves adequately to meet the challenges head-on. WEDOIT offers the latest cyber tech to ensure data protection, IT transformation, and innovation in security to enhance overall cyber efficiency in countering the latest cyber threats by focusing on the people, process, and technology aspects of it.

Key Cyber Attack Statistics
Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organization’s valuable and sensitive information assets is the key to staying safe and relevant in the business. However, cyber adversaries across the globe have been trying hard to penetrate into an organization’s network. Here are some significant cyber attack statistics to ponder on:
● Emails remain the prime mode of delivering malware, with nearly 300,000 fresh malware instances generated daily in 2023, 92% distributed through emails. The average detection rate for them is 49 days.
● As per the recent Statista report, the year 2022 saw organizations detecting 493.33 million ransomware attacks worldwide.

                                      (Image Source: Statista.com)

● The global average data breach cost in 2022 was $4.35 million, while the average cost of breaches based on stolen or compromised credentials alone was around $4.50 million.
● The healthcare industry has been the most expensive for 12 consecutive years. The average data breach cost for the sector exceeded $10.10 million in 2022.

Our Clients: Who Does WEDOIT Serve?
WEDOIT’s comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services is designed to cater to IT managers and those in charge of the organization’s critical information infrastructure. Regardless of whether you’re an integration partner looking to incorporate our solutions into a customer’s environment or a Security Services, IT, or Cybersecurity leader, WEDOIT offers tailored strategies that protect and optimize the digital ecosystems under your care.

What Are WEDOIT’s Key Cybersecurity Service Offerings
Traditional approaches to cybersecurity do not take you far. WEDOIT aims to go beyond expectations and provide a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions for all types of businesses and support them in their IT transformation and innovation in security with the following offerings:

● Enterprise Cybersecurity Resilience Enhancement: Cybersecurity is an all-encompassing and ever-improving ecosystem, requiring businesses to develop high resiliency to new and advanced threats. WEDOIT cybersecurity solutions strengthen the organization’s resilience to counter existing and future cybersecurity risks.

● Software Development and Application Security Services: WEDOIT specializes in developing imaginative and customized applications with AI capabilities to secure digital businesses. Hardware security solution manufacturers can benefit from our embedded and management software.

● Advanced Ransomware and Phishing Protection: WeDoIT offers IT as SaaS to safeguard businesses from ransomware and other cyber attacks and bolster their cyber defenses. Besides, we ensure businesses meet compliance requirements, save your reputation, and improve your bottom line.

● Digital Certificate Management: We provide digitized certificate management services to help businesses meet the challenges posed by the growing demands. We understand the consequences of invalid certificates. Therefore, our digital certificate management services save time, increase competitiveness, and ensure compliance and security.

● Cybersecurity Team Augmentation: WEDOIT offers its expertise to augment your security team to bridge cybersecurity gaps, bolster your defenses, and protect businesses of all sizes.

● Cryptographic Protection: Organizations can protect their financial transactions, IT, OT, and IoT systems using WEDOIT cryptographic protection solutions for managing and storing sensitive credentials and confidential biometric data.

● Customized Cybersecurity Solutions: Our consulting services help protect the foundations of digital trust with HSM (Hardware Security Modules) and implement PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). Besides, our expert advice on the transition and deployment of advanced PQC (Post-Quantum Cryptography) helps protect data and network communications.

● Distribution and Sale of Cybersecurity Solutions: We also specialize in distributing cybersecurity solutions and services from the leading manufacturers of cybersecurity services worldwide.

How WEDOIT Helps Its Clients Remain Ahead of Adversaries and Protect Against Any Cyberattacks
Malicious actors are technologically advanced and find innovative ways to attack network systems. Businesses must remain ahead of such adversaries to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. WEDOIT offers innovative cybersecurity services to help enterprises safeguard their information assets. WEDOIT has the following strengths:

A Team of Experienced and Expert Cybersecurity Professionals: With a team of experienced cybersecurity professionals, we can provide a comprehensive portfolio of cyber protection services to businesses across different verticals.

Keeping a Watch on the Latest in Cyberspace: We watch the latest cyberattacks and cybersecurity innovations and guide our clients to prepare against attacks before threat actors learn about their vulnerabilities and exploit them to their advantage.

Tailored Security Solutions Developed for Your Unique Cybersecurity Needs: WEDOIT offers an XDR-based platform, enabling clients to seamlessly integrate and automate existing security and IT tools to bolster their cyber defenses. Our IT as a SaaS solution safeguards businesses against ransomware attacks by enabling swift and automated remediation as an MSSP.

Comprehensive Incident Response Plans: Our cybersecurity services include customized security control checks and penetration testing solutions. Our customized solutions include risk assessments, incident response planning, and compliance consulting designed to meet organizations’ unique requirements globally. Our approach has been deployed and proven effective in real-world scenarios. We have helped businesses deal with innovative threats like zero-day exploits, social engineering attacks, advanced malware, and persistent targeted attacks.

Easy Navigation of the Complex Maze of Regulatory and Compliance Landscape: While providing data protection and IT security are our primary objectives, we realize the value of ensuring regulatory compliance. We ensure easy compliance and empower your business to meet security standards confidently. We safeguard your reputation and maintain the secrecy of your consumer data by helping you navigate the complex maze of the regulatory and compliance landscape.

Final Words
In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses have no time to be bogged down by cybersecurity attacks, incidents, or any other such concerns, especially when profitability, customer trust, and reputation are on the line. Don’t let these challenges divert your focus from what truly matters to your enterprise. That’s why WEDOIT is your go-to cybersecurity solutions provider that not only helps you protect your valuable digital assets but also empowers your IT and digital transformation. From enhancing efficiency through enterprise digitalization to fortifying your IT security across various business sectors, we’ve got you covered. The time to act is now. Upgrade your cybersecurity posture with WEDOIT and turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and success.